Haven’t You Heard?

Subculture: The Meaning of Style from Dick Hebdige creates a closer discussion and observation about subculture as an emergent form of protesting mainstream culture. In this case, subculture groups are irrupted from areas rooted within oppression or angst—like punk rock or jazz. Consequently, these emergent cultures are inevitable in that they often result from a … More Haven’t You Heard?

Becoming Aware: Intersectionality in #BlackLivesMatter

Throughout the past few years, there has been a huge progress made in the #blacklivesmatter movement. Under a time of overwhelming political stress and social dysfunction, the #blacklivesmatter movement has not only brought up the need for awareness in the ways in which black women and men are victims of police brutality, but it has … More Becoming Aware: Intersectionality in #BlackLivesMatter

Transforming Feminist Studies through FemTechNet

The first article I looked into about FemTechNet was from the Huffington Post, linked: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/16/femtechnet-online-courses-teach-feminist-technology_n_3763863.html This article was a great first read; it was able to provide more than enough information that introduces FemTechNet and its serving goal. To elaborate, the article dives deeper into what FemTechNet does as a DOCC—this is to challenge and … More Transforming Feminist Studies through FemTechNet

Come With Me, If You Want To Live: The Constantly Oppressive Biopolitics

Throughout the seminar, there has been a discussion of feminism and the ways in which modernity have impacted the development of politics, as well as the involvement of the artificial intelligence (including data mapping and digital visualizations). In this case, we critique the construct of the patriarchy and the conflicts that arise in a dissenting … More Come With Me, If You Want To Live: The Constantly Oppressive Biopolitics

Guerrilla Poets and the Power of Words

The first article/website I decided to look further into was https://guerillapoetics.org Here, they list multiple poems and provide an extensive archive of poems written by Guerilla Poets. On the main page, a few poems pictured are written to express beautifully, yet tragic situations of dissent or flaw. In this case, one of the poems talks … More Guerrilla Poets and the Power of Words

Arab Women Techies: A Supportive Report

The first article that I decided to dig deeper into was a previous post from wordpress: https://ycczouk.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/arab-women-technologists-start-rewiring-the-world-in-zouk-mikael/   This article explains the agenda of the techies in countries and areas including Lebanon. It attempts to bring media attention and larger understanding in the role of feminist/activist techies and their efforts in bringing political issues to … More Arab Women Techies: A Supportive Report

Christina McPhee in Challenging Concepts through Art

The first article I read on McPhee was the following: https://www.criticalsecret.net/_christina-mcphee,045_.html In this article, the writer discusses McPhee’s diverse and various approaches in topics and her own assertions of art that essentially comment on these areas. In this case, McPhee is noted to have previously significant art pieces that underline and challenge issues surrounding environmental … More Christina McPhee in Challenging Concepts through Art

An Inspection/Response to Empyre’s Conversations

The first article I looked further into was the following: http://lists.artdesign.unsw.edu.au/pipermail/empyre/2016-July/009159.html In this reading, there were multiple points of interest that seemed unique in its approach in quantifying data. Essentially, both the inquirer and responder discuss the implications of hard data in uncommonly quantifiable aspects of events. In this case, there is an argument made … More An Inspection/Response to Empyre’s Conversations