Subculture: The Young Generation’s Revolt

Adorned as a classic milestone on the importance of subculture, Hebdige states in his famous novel, “Members of the working-class encounter daily hardships and alienation from the ruling hegemony.” (resonating with Althusser’s interpolation and Marx’s class consciousness as the theoretical framework here). A translation here is to say that the young generations are hell bent, … More Subculture: The Young Generation’s Revolt

Intersectionality: #AllLivesMatter

The first article I came across pays attention to our current understanding of what constitutes police brutality; essentially where it occurs and how to address it. While black men face a more brutal, abrupt meeting, women experience this violence in a very specific gendered way. They experience this through sexual harassment and sexual assault. Currently the founders of … More Intersectionality: #AllLivesMatter

Femtechnet: A DIY Collaboration

The first article I read on Anne and Femtechnet was on the emergence of the Collaborative Courses (DOCC) distributed online collaborative course which allows innovative thinkers to discuss and further deconstruct emerging technology. In an interview, she goes on to question the current state of cultural amnesia that we find ourselves in, how unfamiliar with the topic … More Femtechnet: A DIY Collaboration

The Cyborg Goddess in the Age of Technological Determinism

Haraway defines a cyborg as a cybernetic organism, a hybrid of machine and organism. Both a creature of social reality as well as fiction, of technological determinism, really a monster of manmade and nature. Collective feminist technology has since utilized the face of cyborg to reconstructed the “women’s experience” while considering how this message is portrayed and distributed within … More The Cyborg Goddess in the Age of Technological Determinism

Abstract Ideas For Class Project

Together, we have a goal of focusing on Future Tripping. Hoping to collide each our own impressions with FemTech in cohesion with the humanistic ability to ground these fundamentals to something tangible. With ideas such as pop up installations and collaborately working together, we intend to create something specifically geared for UCSB students who need a … More Abstract Ideas For Class Project

Christina McPhee: Regenerating Sonic Vibrations

In an interview with Digicult Catherine Mcphee emphasizes the inspiration behind her collections of works in relation to traumatic memory and the visualization of “seismicity” or seismic memory. Seismic, defined as relating to earthquakes or other vibrations of the earth is incorporated into Mcphee’s work by highlighting her California roots as being the grounding place for … More Christina McPhee: Regenerating Sonic Vibrations