FemTechNet and the DOCC model of learning

FemTechNet.org describes itself as a cybernetic center for resources related to feminism, cyber-feminism, and feminist theories of technology. They describe the (un)structure of the site as horizontal in which committees, sub-committees, and working groups made up of scholars, students, and artists experimentally collaborate with one another in hopes of creating a process of education outside … More FemTechNet and the DOCC model of learning

Intersectionality, Assemblage, and the “Cyborg-Goddess”

This weeks articles on cyborgs brought us three inter-connected critiques of feminist theory, each breaking down the ontological meanings and implications behind “intersectionality,” “assemblage,” and the mix of the two in Joshua Scannell’s idea on the “cyborg-goddess.” The three articles offer an intense, extensive analysis of the progression of feminist theory in regards to unity, … More Intersectionality, Assemblage, and the “Cyborg-Goddess”

VJ Um Amel, Social Media, and Semantics

Manifesto: In her manifesto, VJ Um Amel, describes her work as reappropriating emerging technologies, both in their theoretical and technical manifestations; this means re-articulating the ways technology is used and how it is conceptualized. By re-imagining the differing and disparate data of Twitter into a “virtual imagination,” VJ Um Amel reveals a “community-author,” effectively remixing … More VJ Um Amel, Social Media, and Semantics

Project Abstract

ABSTRACT: Our project should blends the lines between audience and performance. It will require an openness to hearing views and experiences that aren’t your own. This project should produce empathy, through revealing connectivity, for those that take part. The space should emit hope, revealing that the future can hold more then the past, that preconceived … More Project Abstract

The Guerrilla Poets Insurgency, Inclusion, and Collectivity

http://www.guerrillapoets.org/about The Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency is a collective of individuals who utilize open space as their theater. The GPI blurs “the line between audience and performer,” pushing active spectating as a means of participation. Similar to the active spectating we’ve done in class and through our events, the GPI wishes to engage the public simply … More The Guerrilla Poets Insurgency, Inclusion, and Collectivity