Projected Tripping: Real Bodies vs. Data Bodies

Tonight, the 8th of June, in Wireframe, come join us for a collaborative art event exploring the overwhelming anxieties toward the future, or future tripping, experienced by students in the moment of moving into the work world.


The event, held from 5pm to 7pm in Wireframe, located at the back of the old music library toward the UCen, will invite students to type their anxieties about their data body representations in the work world in the form of a resume template. This template will in turn be projected onto a canvas, inviting students to come together and create over their fears, emphasizing the power of collaboration and solidarity in the face of a collective source of fear.

Within Wireframe for the event, space and sound have been curated to create an atmosphere conducive to this message. A soundscape has been created of office sounds, human voices, and digital voices collectively expressing the anxieties of various individuals, coming together through sound. The space has been organized to also convey this sense of an office, including the computer for the resume being set up in an office desk-like space.

The event is being promoted and documented on various social media accounts, including:

And, of course, this WordPress.

Facebook live is planned to be used to share our project with the wider world beyond UCSB.

We hope you will join us.


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