Femtechnet: A DIY Collaboration

The first article I read on Anne and Femtechnet was on the emergence of the Collaborative Courses (DOCC) distributed online collaborative course which allows innovative thinkers to discuss and further deconstruct emerging technology. In an interview, she goes on to question the current state of cultural amnesia that we find ourselves in, how unfamiliar with the topic of femtech. That in this day and age we, still, even today in 2017 wonder what feminism really offers in regards to its contribution to society. She speaks of the merger between Fembot and Femtech in that they shared a similar pedagogy and end goal exploring topics of feminist technological innovation. Like our own hope for our class project on future tripping they harness the idea that the main, “mission and process as feminists hones in on collaboration, experimentation, power sharing and a DIY ethic that take center stage” This vision had came to life in collaboration with co creator Alex who in turn, had this vision for feminist science embedded within her as well.  They use the frame work of a learning object to assert the object to a creation of meaning, an identity, usefulness, or function of possibility. Guided by the fundamentals of feminist principles that include a commitment to sharing power and creating safe space for collaboration. I love this constant reiteration of space in all feminist work, that in order to create, to extract something powerful there most be a space. I see this as being somewhere you are invited into, either directly or indirectly, a place that exudes an aura of comfort and security of ultimately a feeling of warmth.

In a feature in Huffington Post Femtechnet is described as a global network of feminist students and artists who work on with and at the borders of technology science and feminism in a variety of different fields. That is one thing that sticks out to me about feminist technology is how interrelated it is with science, while it’s a media practice and is studied on a multimedia platform its core has a lot to do with science, the biological core of its being, the goddess versus cyborg. data body vs real body. It a topic so dense in nature Balsamo points out a great point stating, “Who you learn with is as important as what you can learn.” How willing the mentor is to give to the student goes a long way for the take away for each. The older generation can constantly learn from the new age as we keep evolving in the way we think and see the world.

Anne had previously to be the Dean of New School in New York and while going through there website, I found event for Femtech I wish I would have been able to go to. Its called Women in Tech: An Intel Center for Social Computing and Femtech Collaboration through panel segments these women hope to improve women’s representation in the tech field as they dive deep into the gender related issue of male dominant workplaces.






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