Transforming Feminist Studies through FemTechNet

The first article I looked into about FemTechNet was from the Huffington Post, linked:

This article was a great first read; it was able to provide more than enough information that introduces FemTechNet and its serving goal. To elaborate, the article dives deeper into what FemTechNet does as a DOCC—this is to challenge and further educate people in reshaping feminism as a more conceptual movement. In other words, the article explains how Balsamo agrees that technology, in a feminist perspective, is more social and emotional than it is an object or physical. Instead, the concept of technology is surrounded by a schedule of classes and lessons provided by the DOCC as a way in introducing technology in more subjective terms. By highlighting and spotlighting the different female figures contributing to the development of technology in its modern context, FemTechNet uses an infrastructure of pedagogy and institution in order to educate those interested in reformatting their preconceptions and furthering their knowledge in feminist studies.

Furthermore, I stumbled upon an abstract of a previous report on FemTechNet from Camera Obscura’s website. The link:

The abstract introduces FemTechNet as a platform for changing and challenging the organization of feminism. In this case, FemTechNet is also similarly noted for its DOCC approach as a response to the more popular MOOCs. Furthermore, the abstract digs deeper into the idea of “wikistorming,” or the initiative that encouraged FemTechNet students to edit Wikipedia articles to empower women and people of color. This tactic is a social and conscious effort that occupies a space in digital labor; with the new millennial culture surrounding technology and digital activism, digital labor and cyberfeminism have served as popular and effective outlets of feminist discussions. By doing so, FemTechNet is a product of the time that challenges archaic and traditional conceptions of feminism in new and modern techniques. Therefore, FemTechNet provides an intersection between feminism and digital media in that it challenges the previously patriarchal structures found along feminism.

Another article also linked to an interview discussion between Juhasz and Balsamo as they describe FemTechNet, aka

In this case, they mention that although other feminist technologies such as Fembot and Ada work towards publication and public engagement in terms of feminist studies, FemTechNet aims to archive and educate on feminist histories. These differences allow FemTechNet to not necessarily expose or gain unfamiliar audiences, yet to rather expand one’s knowledge in feminism and transforming their preconceptions. This discussion also highlights the different ways in which FemTechNet allows people to become engaged into the material through games, videos, readings, etc. that allow students to approach feminism in intriguing and unique ways. By doing so, FemTechNet underlines the importance of communication, cooperation, and interaction with the materials they teach. Therefore, FemTechNet transcends other existing feminist platforms because it allows people to not only consume the information, but also apply it directly into their lives. As a result, this technology is transformative, as well as reparative, because it allows for a reformulation of information.


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