Projected Future Tripping: Real Bodies vs. Data Bodies

Midterm Treatment

The Team:

Nikki Yanover: Production Manager

Rachael Grainger: Art Director

Danielle Erwin: Marketing Planner

Stefan Kim: Sound Engineer

Olivia Nemec: Social Media Content Creator, Graphic Designer

Kevin Burnard: Social Media Manager

Sean Hudson: Videographer, Props

Brendan Byrne: Videographer / Editor, Props

Caitlin Cohen: Art Director

Colin Sutton


Our goal is to create a pop-up workshop that examines the idea of future tripping, merging our real bodies and data bodies by having UCSB students write their own projected apprehensions of the future over a projected resume template. This platform will serve as a reparative process; placing students’ fears onto a blank canvas in order to abstract the negative anxieties we have of the future, the most immediate being, life after college.


Since the start of this class, we have collectively shared our thoughts, impressions, and feelings about what we believe to truly embody feminist technology. In hopes to share our newfound knowledge of what that means, we have decided to reach out to a wider audience–specifically UCSB students. Making this project tangible, we have since devised a workshop to explore the differences between our data bodies and real bodies; this is done in a way that hopes to dissolve the anxieties and fears current students have about the future. We have collaboratively taken the word “Future Tripping,” to characterize the emotional/psychological state of the overwhelming anxiety graduating seniors and other students have when planning their next steps after college.


With this in mind, we have designed an installation anticipated to be held one night in the coming weeks in the Wireframe Studio. We plan to transform this space to host two symmetric projections of resume templates onto blank canvases on opposing walls. The resumé templates will be projected from computers each located on two stationary office desks within the Wireframe space. Participants will first approach the desk and computer to type in their chosen statements on a resumé template that will then be projected onto the blank canvases. Statements should include anxieties and fears about the future. After, participants will be invited to paint on the canvas, over the projected image of the resumé. Here, we want to elicit a confrontation between our real bodies, the physical canvas, and our data bodies, the projected manifestation of our future anxieties. We anticipate using the resume template and canvas as the contextual frame for our audience’s thoughts about future tripping while simultaneously projecting our own data bodies as well. The resume canvas will help put your 3D self into a two-dimensional text.

Quotes and statistics will be hung around the Wireframe Studio, educating participants about “future tripping” on a national scale. These signs could include statistics about suicide on college campuses, national rates of employment out of college, etc. Additionally, these signs will invite participants to imagine the future, acting as the incentive that will prompt students to engage. Our signs will hope to inspire questions such as, how do you feel when you imagine your future? What is life after college? This project will remind and inspire students to believe that we are more than just our data bodies, what employers see on our resumé. It will remind us that our endless datalogical identities: our ID number, GPA, and resumé are really just numbers and words compiled together to differentiate us. Ultimately, it is our real bodies that band together to physically make a project or purpose come to life.


For a presentation of each individual role, click HERE.

The frame of this proposal is distributed amongst our group, starting with an anticipated budget for necessary supplies, devising a marketing plan, coordinating art direction, organizing prop design, and creating an ambient sound that will altogether bring this vision to life. Nikki will be in charge of all contractual paperwork and the budget which consists of materials such as; paint supplies, foam boards, and food in order to create our project while simultaneously providing an inviting atmosphere for our audience. Danielle will head the marketing plan, creating marketing concepts that are extremely visual. Danielle and Olivia will design a social media toolkit which will help them create a website for the event. Danielle, Olivia, and Rachael also plan to document the final project by creating a website. Creating a website after our installation event would provide others with a model for this type of project, with the ability to recreate something similar for a different community. Kevin and Danielle will head the social media calendar to anticipate all important dates during the remainder of the quarter. Olivia will be in charge of designing our flyers that we will be advertising in order to spread the word about our event. While Sean, Brendan, and Kevin will be in charge of props and orchestrate video and gif promotion that will incorporate close-up visuals of students responding to questions about future tripping. These will be displayed in advertisement form and within the Wireframe Space during the Future Tripping installation

In order to create the atmosphere, our art directors, Caitlin and Rachael, will be setting the tone for the space in order to capture our personalized view of what future tripping looks likes. They will be creating a mood board for Wireframe and will handle all photo curation. Stefan is head of the sound department in which he will create ambient noises and sounds that will play with student voice recordings. We will collect 25-50 short audio anecdotes and quotes from UCSB students that will be played throughout the space over an ambient track. By doing so, we will create an immersive audio scape that will help participants to further engage. We intend to intermix these real voices with computer synthesized voices using, revealing the conflicting narratives of our data bodies and real bodies. Outside on the patio of Wireframe, we will collectively offer appetizers and hors d’oeuvres in which will help entice our audience into an inviting atmosphere.


See our budget HERE.

In order to make this vision possible we hope to acquire assistance from the department. In order to purchase all necessary materials we are asking for a donation of $150-200 dollars which will be utilized in buying and making props, and essentially setting the tone for what we hope this project will serve for our projected student body. Included in this proposal is an excel breakdown of the general list of materials we intend to purchase and rent with the money from the department in order to bring this collaborative effort to life.

Through this project, we hope to help students step outside of their data bodies and feel at ease in their real bodies. Reminding our student population that as we head into the future, these data bodies, these numbers can never leave the screen. Your real body is what has the power to act physically in the world, controlling our own fears and anxieties about the future. It’s by getting up and doing something about it, like we hope to do through this project, creating a reparative process students can find solace in when thinking about their future.


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