Project Abstract


Our project should blends the lines between audience and performance. It will require an openness to hearing views and experiences that aren’t your own. This project should produce empathy, through revealing connectivity, for those that take part. The space should emit hope, revealing that the future can hold more then the past, that preconceived notions of when and where you’ll be in 5 years can be reimagined. Future tripping is something all students deal with while shouldering the load of academics, social and professional life.

Our project should be reparative in the sense that it picks up the shattered whole. Future tripping is widely felt, but not widely acknowledged. So, in providing a space for communication and interaction we hope de-stigmatize the issue, revealing the ubiquity with which the feeling is felt on the UCSB campus. Our space should be spectacular, engaging passerby’s based on the energy, positivity, color, and light that radiates from the space.


What if we could break plates and other types of ceramics, tiles, etc. to then create a piece of art from its remnants. We discussed even doing some sort of paper mache piece using bits of paper that were written on…

I just read Rachael’s abstract and I really like her idea of hanging objects, and then projecting something on to them. Could these hanging pieces be something we break, tear, or create on location? Could we have props there for those who didn’t bring something but want to create something?

– Difficulty here is we’d be relying on outside participation, or people to come prepared.

We could even have some sort of audio playing, either interviews with students discussing their worries about the future or there experience in college. This could add to the visual element of the project.. I think it also could overwhelm the spectators in a way.

I think the idea of creating a template out of this project, like that of the lyrical ambush, is really cool, and lasting. If we do decide to do this, we need to keep the scope, and feasibility of our project in mind…


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