Moonstone as Universal Healing

Zimmerman’s article asks questions about objects of creation in regards to their needs and pleasures and the way their designed. Relaying this piece to a specific artifact that resonates with us to articulate its own design and need within the world. At first, it took me a while to figure out the object I wanted to articulate, but when I opened my eyes this morning, my eyes were level to my moonstone sitting on the dresser next to me. This stone is miniscule in size, and holds a faint white, almost clear coloration in which reflects an almost fluorescent light. This stone, my best friend and roommate had given me to help any anxieties I have in order to create a better overall balance within my mind and body by sending that negative energy to the rock, which helps purify or heal your overall mental state. It plays the role of my refuge, ultimately the moonstone is supposed to keep me safe. Like Zimmerman’s design concept, the moonstone is way to ask questions, it occurs through a practice universally practiced around the world within the holistic community in which mindfulness is a key determinant in how we live our everyday lives. Comparable to Laurel’s definition of “delight” and the iterative process, its design is practiced over and over again to reach a better outcome. People who have found this method to be a saving grace now recruit as many people as possible into the holistic lifestyle in order to gain a more successful product, in this case your higher self.

In practice, the moonstone represents a tangible connection to the magic of the moon, a sacred amulet that keeps our wisdom strong, helping influence our behaviors, emotion, and ultimately our overall spiritual growth. At it’s core, moonstone is a mineral, that encompasses a particular glow to its outside, caused by light scattering between microscopic layers of the feldspar mineral and feel almost weightless. My roommate told me I’m supposed to carry this stone with me as a protection against my restlessness while restoring any lingering thoughts I might be having about love, traveling at night, or any doubts I feel. Whether I choose notice a change some months or not, it’s the conundrum that I have been convinced that these stones (rocks) have healing powers. That our own mindfulness and uses of these crystals ultimately reflect their effectiveness. It’s crazy to think that this tiny object can theoretically hold so much power in determining our overall state of mine just sits their peacefully on my dresser, never moving. You can’t turn it on, you can’t move, the only function it serves it’s to simple hold it, to carry it with you. And Simply by having it with you it can affect your mind body and soul. It’s most powerful uses are determined during the phases of the moon in which the moonstone serves strongest during the full moon. It can also create different feelings and strengths throughout the evolving phases of the moon. Also, these stones and crystals can be recharged in the moon, with the belief that their healing powers are in full affect after every new and full moon.

There is a whole methodology in how to use and practice spiritual growth utilizing these moonstones and crystals. That these natural creations straight from the earth itself are the most natural healing methods in living a centered holistic life. People, in all cultures have different beliefs and upbringings with the concept of chakras and spiritual energy. The moonstone is associated with the crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head and is the core root of how we perceive our own thoughts and how we respond to our own personal interactions and experiences, the moonstone is supposed to be able to cleanse and even source supplemental energy for all the chakra’s, in order to rebalance its core. Moonstone’s white coloring represents the universal symbolism of the color white, representing cleanliness, purity, and unity ultimately hoping to restore a solid balance with this practice of regeneration.

Today, it has become globally situated itself within the world as one of the most effective natural healing powers, to which the spiritual world swears by. Dating back to Roman and Indian backgrounds, the moonstone is commonly associated with bringing back love and passion for new or past love, serving as a good luck stone, helping both with individual spiritual and inner growth. The stone is meant to deter or add to someone’s personally but instead help to center and balance a more stabilized way of thinking.

This idea of healing, of spiritual growth was nothing I every grew up with, nothing I ever ever really thought about but still, the idea emerged into my life and when I first moved to Santa Barbara I was quickly introduced to ways of mindfulness, higher thinking, and mediating. Overtime I have been introduced to things like life colors, auras, chakras, angels’ phases of the moon and so forth. It has merged into a place within my life to where I find myself waking up to be outside when the new moon comes, keeping track of the pink moon, or the planets that are currently in retrograde. Setting intentions for each new month, abiding by a schedule of when were supposed to sit back and relax or when were supposed to take action to manifest these intentions all based on the schedule of the moon in relation to the planets. When you say it out loud it sounds kooky and of course to some people it is but in due time I have found solace, and a sort of reliance on this higher belief that these natural treasures can help be find a better balance.


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