Future Tripping Project

So far, I’ve really been loving the idea of creating a project that uses audience participation and a cathartic experience which could be recreated again in the future. We will be focusing on the anxiety and fears related to pressure to perform after college, the “future tripping” which we’ve discussed before. Somehow allowing a physical space in which people can come and symbolically destroy their fears and stresses would be a clever way to get people to face their problems. Perhaps offering a space where people can engage in different types of activities would be a more engaging way to do this.

Ideas that our team has come up with include:

  • Throwing paint balloons at a canvas
  • Tearing apart papers
  • Smashing tiles
  • Floating lanterns
  • Having a performative element such as poetry or music

Perhaps if we could create a space where each of these elements is included as a journey of learning and healing in a step by step process, we could create a ritualistic experience with the gravitas to be recreated in the future. We could make each step symbolic of the different stages or experiences of stress:

  1. First, the performative piece could be an explanation of what future tripping is, and invite people into the space to enjoy the experience.
  2. Then we could have them tear a paper representing the need to build up resumes and experience and conform to “look good on paper”
  3. Then we could have them throw paint balloon on a wall to represent the need o fit into a specific cultural norm
  4. We could then offer them a space to hammer a tile piece, breaking it to represent the breaking of molds which we felt trapped into (we could put these tiles in a bag before they break them to protect from and broken shards)
  5. Then, they would release a floating lantern with a promise to themselves to let go of their anxieties and remember that they are not alone.

By going through this process, the audience can go through an introspective experience about the different ways people future trip. Afterward, we can pull tape away from the colorful canvas to reveal a message about future tripping, take the ripped paper and put it in large clear jars, and take the broken tiles to make a mosaic. These pieces can then be held as artifacts in the Wireframe space, a symbol of those who future tripped in 2017, and a physical testament to the reparative journey which those who participated experienced.


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