Abstract: Collaborative Art

In seminar we discussed how society uses our fears and how we (as a society and as individuals) deal with waste/trash. This brought up some interesting ideas for our final project. We talked about commercializing fear and how our society can capitalize on things like pepper spray and anxiety. This relates to “future tripping” which deals with our increasing fear about life after college, coming from internal and external pressures. How do we repair these issues so that we don’t let fear and/or anxiety get the best of us? How can we release the pressure? Art can be empowering, especially interactive art: when participants are encouraged, or required (depending on the outcome), to interact with the art and shape it through collaboration.

Some concrete ideas for our project:

  • Projecting words on wall from students/community members
      • Submissions or phrases that we ask people/our friends for
      • Project messages that we come up with as a class (Danielle mentioned: spraying perfume on trash)
  • Tackling the root of the problem.. voicing or writing things that you want out of your head, out of the world, and/or destroyed:
      • we discussed breaking or tearing material with words written on it
      • have people bring something (objects, photos, drawing, etc) with them to the event that they would like to get rid of (as an alternative to throwing something away)
          • example: a photo that could be cut or ripped (this would make the project re-purposeful and reconstructive)

As for the aesthetic, having the event take place in the Wireframe studio would allow for lights and projection. The art piece could be the remnants of what people bring/deconstruct strung from the ceiling:

Or it could be collaged into a mixed media piece, remixing the material into a message or collaborative collage: 


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