Abstract Ideas For Class Project

Together, we have a goal of focusing on Future Tripping. Hoping to collide each our own impressions with FemTech in cohesion with the humanistic ability to ground these fundamentals to something tangible. With ideas such as pop up installations and collaborately working together, we intend to create something specifically geared for UCSB students who need a public space to come together.

This idea of a pop up installation where people can come together to share a space of likeness and solidarity is really appealing to me. I would love there to be an incorporation of colors, either in the way the “space” is designed or the way we deliver our message, either through painting, drawing, signs, etc. Another idea that would be really cool is if we could do something that relays individual messages of students, like a night of colored lanterns that we light in the sky and release all together which each bares a fear or message that’d we’d like to release and let go into the universe about Future Tripping in which helps us move forward.



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