Guerrilla Poets and the Power of Words

The first article/website I decided to look further into was

Here, they list multiple poems and provide an extensive archive of poems written by Guerilla Poets. On the main page, a few poems pictured are written to express beautifully, yet tragic situations of dissent or flaw. In this case, one of the poems talks about how a traveling group felt inadequate to assist others in an unfortunate accident. Like this, the poems depicted explain the constant conflict of morals and the need to address our societal flaws. However, it does so in a way that subtly underlines the tragedy of our own morals. The website also explains the mission of the Guerilla Poetics Project, as well as provide further information about the GPP. This is a great resource for people who are just becoming familiar to Guerilla Poetry.


I also stumbled across another website:

This website seems to be one of the main pages on the Guerilla Poet movement. After being introduced to their homepage, a little exploring on the website leads to a plethora of information regarding Guerilla Poet initiatives, their social media presence, and additional resources that provide curious readers tips on how to further engage with the poets. In this case, I looked further into an article explaining their views and efforts in self-sustainability. To elaborate, their article explains how the system of social constructs has become extremely capitalized and artificial that we have a larger need to deconstruct and challenge the system, as well as solve the root of the problems in our society. By doing so, their initiative is clearly highlighted with importance and a need to confront larger hegemonic structures. This was particularly interesting, since it very much convinced me that to look further into Guerilla Poets.


The last article I looked into was the following;

Unlike the other websites, a Guerilla Poet who is constantly affected by the initiative wrote this article. In this case, the poet discusses the Guerilla Poet goal in further detail: in order to bring poetry into the lives of people who may not normally read or listen to poetry, they create flash mobs to allow people these resources in unexpected moments. By doing so, the poetry becomes much more powerful and confronting. What struck me the most interesting is the writer’s personal backstory as a lyrical rapper. They explain how they first became engaged with the Guerilla Poets, as well as explain how they are deeply affected by their own work and involvement. Therefore, Guerilla Poets allow people to express themselves through poetry in otherwise unexpected moments, underlining the beauty of the spoken word and its powerful messages. Especially during a time of political dissent and irruption, Guerilla Poetry allows for communities to come together and appreciate the reflection of freeing the inner soul and tearing down social structures that have barred people from each other. As a result, this article allowed me to understand Guerilla Poets as a movement where every person involved has their own personal goals and experiences that they crave.


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