Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency

The first article I read was an interview of Shahid Buttar, one of the co-founders of the DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency. The DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency is a group of activists that present demonstrations creating an often inclusive political theater, a place for individuals to speak their minds in a creative fashion.I actually like that the concept of the demonstrations are to get as many people involved in voicing their opinions. The more individuals are willing to interact and be apart of the demonstration, the better understanding they will have about your message and what you are trying make the people aware of. I agree with idea that by putting a poem or beat to a message, the more engaging it becomes. Hearing words from a talking head on television or the internet, lacks a certain sense of emotion to it. When someone performs a demonstration to prove a point, not only is it pleasing to the ear rhythmically, there is a deeper connection to what is being said as the individual put the time and effort to think of a creative way to voice their opinions. Sometimes it could be rather hard for an individual to believe that their opinions really matter. What will happen, will happen and one does not really have the power to make an influence either way. By being able to actively participate it revitalizes an individual’s notion that their voice does actually matter. People can hear your words being voiced and respond to your opinions. Often times people disregard the power of culture, but it is very successful in its ability to communicate ideals and opinions.
To get a better understanding of what the DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency did in their demonstration, I viewed a video of one of their performances in Washington D.C. It was a concert at the National Mall called Ceasefire. I was surprised. This was not a mere demonstration at all. Rather than having a person yell into a loudspeaker to an audience it was an actual performance. The group was having an actual concert in which they were trying to get across a message. I feel the newer generation has a better reception to a message when it is performed rather than merely yelled at them. I really feel there is a stronger connection when an indiviual is not cramming their opinon down their throat, but rather presenting it to you. You may do with it as you will, but you just listening to it means the mission is accomplished.


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