Guerrilla Poets

The first website that I chose to look into was called “Guerrilla Poets: Poetry in Action.” It can be found here

At the top of the site is this quote, “Re-examine all that you have been told, dismiss that which insults your soul,”- Walt Whitman. I feel that this statement appears to be representative of guerrilla poetry as a whole and what the verb and phrase stands for. The website has several sections, each giving information about their movement and about guerrilla poetry as a whole. It states that guerrilla poetry is a flash mob style of art where they perform poetry in unexpected places, in order to hopefully impact and touch the lives of people who may not have made a conscious decision to attend an event like that. I think that’s an amazing idea and I believe that if I were able to witness guerrilla poetry I would feel very moved. Their “mission statement” is not only to empower and enlighten the lives of the performers, but also to break down the walls between them and the audience members, so that they can all join together in a community of camaraderie and expression.

The second article I chose to explore was a lesson plan on guerrilla poetry, which I believed would be an interesting take on the subject because it is meant to explain how to educate others about the style of poetry. It can be found here:

It states that the goal of the class is to teach people that poetry can jump at them out of nowhere, which is a perfect way of describing the style of guerrilla poetry. This website was interesting because it also describes guerrilla poetry as something that can be seen written down on objects, which is different than the style described in the previous site. The students in the class were asked to write down a poem in the style of an imaginary superhero that they were asked to create, and this was done because the poem is supposed to be “loud” and as loud as a superhero would say it. They were asked to write it down and hide it in a room where they felt like somebody would least expect to find it. The last part of the exercise was for them to search around the room and look for each others poems, reading and taking them in while they collect them all.

The final website that I read can be found here:

It goes into detail about the definition of guerrilla poetry, as well as giving a historical background to the movement. It then explains how to begin creating your own guerrilla poetry, and gives advice about things to consider when choosing what to write about and how to find the best location to perform it. It states that many guerrilla poets are very concerned about the environmental and social impact of their work and so ensure that their poetry does not leave a lasting record of its existence.


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