An Advocacy for Guerrilla Wordfare

In a world based on the study of text and the books that encapsulate them, the Guerrilla Poetics Project (GPP) have a primary goal of bringing the context back into the hands of the reader.  Guerrilla poetry is defined as performing readings and recitals through one or two poems spoken by a small group in a flash mob, undeclared manner. These flash mobs can be invoked anywhere from the seat of a bus to a quiet coffee shop, broadsiding their work in hidden places throughout the chosen place. Advocating this campaign through hiding high quality broadsides of meaningful poems inside of books in bookstores and libraries, found at random by the unsuspecting reader. The group consists of ten writers and publishers who have been working in a small press environment for years, collecting a compilation of chapbooks, poetry, short stories and so forth made by every day people. Each member inhibits a different sense of style and way they go about broadsiding, incorporating an authentic individualistic feel to their work, allowing there personal preface for guerilla poetry to shine through.

GPP advocates the belief that poetry is a human condition. Meaning poetry is the fuel that brings back the light within darkness, questioning the core root of our being, what it truly means to be human. As the human body throughout its life endures moments of both euphoria and suffering, dancing amongst the idea of what constitutes both happiness and sorrow. Making poetry the telephone line that connects these beliefs, it’s the lifeline that communicates these ideas and forms them into one. While even though, GPP silently campaigns through product placement and hidden locations; they print their manifesto on every piece because they want to be heard. Not necessarily through voice but through words, a medium, if used properly can be more powerful in the way we convey our mental states then our own voice.

One of the members of GPP wrote in his blog that GPP is a flash poetry mob pitching poetry at random times in random places to conjure up a space for people who normally would not listen to poetry a chance to hear it. Kind of a ruthless tactic, but at the same time if the people aren’t listening to you, you have to find a way to make them listen, and that’s exactly the mission of GPP. To break away the walls that prohibit   unnoticed poets who aren’t getting the right recognition because they lack any association with academia.

The core foundation of the Guerrilla Poets Project is to remind the community that we are all human and we should be working to collaborate to help the world to so and so, “save the humans” in regards to nature, harvesting, hygiene, and are overall well-being. While their main reach is through poetry, they also house numerous community events which are open to any and everyone who share a common goal of making this earth a better place. A place for free space where writers, thinkers, inventors, can come together collectively to serve a greater good.




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