Christina McPhee Response

The first article I read about Christina McPhee was from the website:

It was an introductory piece and an interview with Christina that explores her background and what lead her to the style of art she creates today. A very interesting first point about her was that although she was born in Los Angeles, where I’m also from, she and her family moved to a small town on the Great Plains where she began to have recurring nightmares. The only way she found she could prevent these occurrences was by painting abstract shapes. For this reason, the creation of abstract shapes for McPhee has always represented a connection between art, trauma, and regeneration. She has had extensive training and study at many schools of art, and her work is displayed at prestigious museums around the country.

The second article I read was called, “Christina McPhee, How Ojai Inspires Me As An Artist”. It can be found here:

It is from the Ojai Music Festival, which encourages patrons, like McPhee, to express themselves creatively. While reading I found that Christina has just as eloquent a way with words as she does with her art. She spoke about her early days of playing piano, and how for no audience but her own ears she felt very connected digitally to the music she was playing on the keys. She and her partner built pianos with unique surfaces and conditions, which goes to testify to how creatively she looks at the objects in her world. McPhee then went on to speak specifically about the elements she used when creating these pieces, noting that she believed certain colors meant certain things. “Transliteration of painting about painting via the percussive: as the piano resonates sound by the striking of keys, so may these paintings record and store the memory of the percussive touch.” Just like she painted abstract shapes as a way of regenerating the memories of her nightmares, she views the paintings as recordings of the memories of touch associated with playing the piano.

The final article I read was actually Christina McPhee’s vimeo page, which can be found at:

I watched was called “Microswarm Patchwalk” which was one of her art exhibits. It was very abstract and to be honest a bit disturbing in my opinion. The sounds playing in the background reminded me of the music from the horror film, “The Ring”, and was layered over shots of a beach, birds, numbers, paintings, drawings, etc. Each image had a common color scheme for the most part, which was dark and gloomy. It definitely demonstrated how she incorporates the different forms of art that she creates, be it sound, painting, or in a digital form. Watching the video created a feeling for viewers just like it did for me, I can’t say that I completely understand the message she was trying to get across with this piece but I’m sure at the exhibit it was featured at it might have included more information.


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