Future Tripping Project

So far, I’ve really been loving the idea of creating a project that uses audience participation and a cathartic experience which could be recreated again in the future. We will be focusing on the anxiety and fears related to pressure to perform after college, the “future tripping” which we’ve discussed before. Somehow allowing a physical … More Future Tripping Project

VJ Um Amel, Social Media, and Semantics

Manifesto: In her manifesto, VJ Um Amel, describes her work as reappropriating emerging technologies, both in their theoretical and technical manifestations; this means re-articulating the ways technology is used and how it is conceptualized. By re-imagining the differing and disparate data of Twitter into a “virtual imagination,” VJ Um Amel reveals a “community-author,” effectively remixing … More VJ Um Amel, Social Media, and Semantics

Exploring the Flow of Data Bodies

VJ Um Amal is, of course, no stranger to anybody on this site. However, her work is nonetheless full of interesting new directions. Her exploration of social media data and artistic representation thereof taps fascinatingly into the current cultural flow, exploring flows of digital information and utilizing such platforms to reasses and reconstruct meaning detached … More Exploring the Flow of Data Bodies

VJ Um Amel: Digital Activism, Remix, & Revolution

VJ Um Amel is the screen name for Professor Laila Shereen Sakr who has a background in media and social uprising. Using social media for activism is a contemporary phenomenon that not many people are studying. In an article from USC’s Andrew Good, VJ Um Amel, who was a doctoral student at the university, noted that … More VJ Um Amel: Digital Activism, Remix, & Revolution

Project Abstract

ABSTRACT: Our project should blends the lines between audience and performance. It will require an openness to hearing views and experiences that aren’t your own. This project should produce empathy, through revealing connectivity, for those that take part. The space should emit hope, revealing that the future can hold more then the past, that preconceived … More Project Abstract

The Barbie Doll

The Barbie Doll is a toy fashion doll that was made by the company Mattell in 1959, and which has played a major role in the lives of many people throughout the world for a long period in history. It was created by a woman named Ruth Handler, and was inspired by a German doll … More The Barbie Doll